• your right to put up or alter fences, walls and gates is removed by an article 4 direction or a planning condition; or
  • your house is a listed building or in the curtilage of a listed building.
  • the fence, wall or gate, or any other boundary involved, forms a boundary with a neighbouring listed building or its curtilage.

You will not need to apply for planning permission to take down a fence, wall,or gate, or to alter, maintain or improve an existing fence, wall or gate (no matter how high) if you don't increase its height. In a conservation area, however, you might need conservation area consent to take down a fence, wall or gate.

You do not need planning permission for hedges as such, though if a planning condition or a covenant restricts planting (for example, on "open plan" estates, or where a driver's sight line could be blocked) you may need planning permission and/or other consent.

Building Regulations

Fences, walls and gates do not require building regulation approval.

Although building regulations do not apply, the structures must be structurally sound and maintained.




Bad Weather

Significant wind and precipitation, in the form of either rain or snow, can disturb a fence in the soil and create leaning problems. The combination of overly wet soil and the force of the wind can create too much strain and pressure on the fence posts, which can cause the entire fence to lean. A season of moisture – such as spring rain or winter snows – might be too much for the fence to withstand.

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