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Terms and conditions

Gas, Electric, drainage and water service

As a customer it is your responsiblity to locate and mark clearly all services including water, gas and electric, Treelands fencing has no responsibilty for any damage caused to services that have not been clearly marked and cannot be held responsible for any damage in these circumstances.

Timber materials

All wood is pressure treated and has a 10 year plus Guarantee, all work is guaranteed for 1 year. But under extreme weather / storm and extreme gale force winds Treelands fencing cannot guarantee the fence stability

Timber does, split, bend, twist and alter shape under extreme weather conditions, Treelands fencing cannot be held responsible for this natural event.


Estimates are exactly that, the final Invoice is depending on working requied can either be increased or decreased, as there maybe materials that have been over looked but will inform client during works.

Payment to be made at completion of work or within 7 days of completion, all materials once erected remain the property of Treelands Fencing until full payment is made. If job is not completed for reasons beyond our control or for unforseen circumstamces then the customer is responsible for full payment of materials and will  negitiate labour costs

Any materials delievered to site and are stored on site are at the customers risk, Treelands Fencing takes no responsibility for materials once delivered on site and if stolen over night or at any stage these will be replaced at the customers expense. Treelands Fencing will request a small percentage of payment for materials for large jobs up front




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